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Nov 21, 2009 7:00pm EST
brought by the bush administration, now the first from the obama administration, that tests the role that federal judges play with detainees, mostly who are now being housed at guantanamo bay naval base, which is in cuba, but obviously part of u.s. jurisdiction. as we have gone along, the supreme court has found a role for judges in these disputes and has essentially rejected a lot of the bush administration arguments. most recently, in 2008, the supreme court ruled 5-4 at guantanamo detainees could question the constitutionality of their cases. the new one that is now up, it will test the potency of that 2008 ruling in the context of, a federal judges can say we would hear the case and we think we have a remedy, what can they do? in this case the question is, can federal judge's order the administration to free a detainee into the net states? this case involves the main one that i will talk about, 13 chinese uighurs who are moslems who were picked up after september 11, and afghanistan. they had fled persecution in their home country and were living in the mountains of afghanistan,
Nov 28, 2009 7:00pm EST
the way that david souter did, certainly as a first zeron appointee of obama, we expect that she will be liberally inclined. she has voted in death penalty state cases, but no ruling yet. she is trying to stay close to her community, reviewing cases of those on to help her come speake. she may go back to puerto rico, or do something in the bronx. she takes very seriously being a latina justice on the court and i think she will remain an active presence during oral arguments if also across the conference table with the justices. >> deftly not wallflower. we know that. a very experienced judge. >> in terms of pecking order and hierarchy, it two justices asked a question at the same time, the senior justice is supposed to be allowed to begin and the other justice is supposed to retire back little bit. you can watch the reaction between those arguments. she is there. she is asking a lot of questions. i read the transcript. i remember when it happened, but it was an interesting moment when justice sotomayor asked one of the first questions in the case. to ask the wrong question for th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2